First, if you are considering suicide, I love you very much. Second, here is a place where you can find a phone number to call for support, based on your location in Canada. 

The best resource I can share is already around you. Your family and your friends are light-years better in helping you beat depression than anything you can read. Reach out to someone you are most comfortable with, and tell them how you're feeling. 

This article (specifically the tips near the bottom) has some awesome ideas on both how to get out of depression, and how to stay out of it. 

For guys, since we have extra pressure from society to not talk about our feelings, we may benefit from a special, more accessible type of support shared at this site

One book that I enjoyed recently that shared some great ideas on ending depression was The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson (you can also request it to be ordered at the library). You can find a decent summary here.

This video explains a step-by-step method used by someone with years of experience being bi-polar to stave off depression.

This video is a video representation of someone's version of depression. I found it helpful to remind me I'm not alone, since I related to some parts of it. 

Finally, if you have found success in overcoming depression, I really want to hear from you. As this is a deep problem that seems to be affecting more and more young people every year, anything we can do to learn more about how to solve this problem will improve society in a big way. 

Please send me any ideas you have by e-mailing me here