If you're curious to learn more about goal-setting, below are some resources I have found really helpful! 



The Dip - Seth Godin

This book does an incredible job of explaining the finishing portion of goals. It makes really clear how to push through challenges, and separate yourself from the rest by making it to the end. It's a very short book - just a hundred pages - but hold ideas that have stayed with me over years. 

Deep Work - Cal Newport

This book, along with So Good They Can't Ignore You are two of my favourite ever. Cal is a very smart guy, very clear in how he writes, which makes learning his ideas fun and easy. Deep Work does an awesome job of explaining the process of finding the most valuable activities that will take us to our goals, and how to focus on these exclusive of others. 


Goals - Alex Vermeer

This is just a section of a long, awesome webpage of Alex's on his thoughts about life hacking. One of my favourite sentences is: "Habits are “free” behavior." It's idea I have thought about for years. I hope you enjoy this section of the page, and maybe even the whole page. 

Fear-Setting - Tim Ferriss

Video is here (slides are here), blog post is here. Fear setting is a helpful way to understand goals. We discussed fear briefly at the beginning of our book, but Tim really explores it on a deeper level. Fear is super important for goals, and I think Tim kills it in his teaching. Check it out.

I will post more resources as I think of them, but that should be all for now! If you find anything yourself that you feel is worth sharing, please send me an e-mail here!