1. Success (getting what you want) is no mystery - it’s just hard. 

Do anything over and over again (also called practicing), and you will get better at it, guaranteed.  

2. Self-esteem isn’t spelled ‘others-esteem’. It can only come from you. 

3. You’ll find the most beautiful experiences in life are closer to the average than you are looking for. 

4. Your intuition - that you keep second-guessing - is - and always has been - right.

5. Isolation is the greatest punishment we know.  

6. Value is measured by others, not yourself. 

7. To give as much as you can to yourself, give as much as you can to others.

8. Despite the rumours, those most like themselves and most different than everyone else are awarded the highest social value.  

9. Magnitude and frequency of mistakes and failures increase in tandem with success.  

10. Rushing guarantees a worse outcome.