Five months ago, I had the great pleasure of visiting Bali, Indonesia. 

I loved it there so much that I stayed for two months. 

If there was one thing I learned on my trip, it's this: 



1. You don't know what you don't know. 

Staying in the same environment denies you even the chance to learn something new. Give yourself the opportunity to learn and GO. 

2. You need to live without structure. 

Chances are, if you're young, you've lived with structure for your whole life. Travelling forces you to make decisions about how to spend your time - a major part of being independent (and growing up). 

3. You'll meet incredible people. 

The type of people you meet travelling are unlike anyone you'd meet in your day-to-day life. Expose yourself to people who grew up in entirely different ways than you - you'll find it impossible not to learn something about yourself. 

4. You'll get to try new food. 

And who doesn't like new flavours? 

5. You'll get more clear on what you want. 

Ridding yourself of all the constraints of your regular life - even for just a couple of months - allows what you really want to come to the surface. Open yourself up to your deepest, suppressed wants. 

6. You'll gain a deeper appreciation for what you have. 

By taking away all that you have, you realize how much you value all the gifts you have in your regular life. Avoiding travel breeds thanklessness. 

7. You'll discover new cultures. 

By exposing yourself to new ways of doing politics, roads, art, greetings and more - you'll realize that everything you've taken as is in your life is actually something you have a choice about. 

8. Your values will change. 

Chances are they need an update anyways. Go shopping at the store of the people you meet, the cultures of places you visit, and the religions you explore. 

9. You'll have more to give. 

Travelling increases your value as a person by broadening your perspective on the world. And since your perspective affects every part of your life, all areas of your existence will improve. 

10. Now's the time. 

While you're young, you have few responsibilities. Since they're only grow in size, it will actually be easier to go earlier rather than later.

You'll never be ready, but every journey starts with booking that first plane ticket. 

Everything good is on the other side of fear.