1. read

  2. meditate

  3. breathe

  4. focus

  5. construct and protect stability

  6. celebrate and congratulate often

  7. love

  8. laugh

  9. smile, when you want to

  10. make small improvements daily, not big improvements quarterly

  11. call your parents when you’re bored

  12. stretch your tummy

  13. workout, without considering your emotions about it

  14. when in doubt start smaller - it’s about how you finish anyways

  15. practice setting goals every day

  16. do what you tell yourself you’re going to do

  17. get curious, not mad at yourself

  18. eat food you like that’s good for you

  19. don’t go on your phone before bed

  20. consume plenty more than you create

  21. focus on the present

  22. when you’re with your friends, listen to them, not yourself

  23. your life isn’t just about you

  24. everything always works out exactly how it’s supposed to

  25. the world is safe and compassionate towards your flaws

  26. your worthiness as a human is independent of everything

  27. say hi to regulars you see at the gym

  28. learn a physical art like painting with watercolours, or jiu-jitsu

  29. ask questions, despite all the reasons they might be stupid ones

  30. never rush, ever. it is always more expensive in the long run.

  31. stop hanging out with people you don’t like

  32. listen to yourself most

  33. let your friends and family catch you when you fall

  34. go back to visit your high school teachers

  35. move houses and jobs infrequently

  36. take a cold shower every morning, no matter how you feel

  37. listen to music when you want to, and never feel bad for it

  38. impress yourself, not others

  39. say no to people instead of a weak ‘yes’

  40. don’t worry about coming off as mean to bullies

  41. trust the process

  42. build the dynamic, not the outcome

  43. work together with other people whenever possible

  44. be a lone wolf only temporarily

  45. tell your parents how much you love them

  46. always be early

  47. give away money once you retire

  48. meet your own needs first, in order to best help others

  49. smile at the cashier, and thank them by name

  50. strike up a conversation whenever it feels right

  51. ask for forgiveness, not permission

  52. watch when you start to tense your neck

  53. be precise in your speech

  54. don’t bother children when they are skateboarding

  55. don’t be afraid to do a complete 180 in everything

  56. stop looking at your friends old pictures

  57. get angry at people who wrong you

  58. tell people how they make you feel

  59. watch yourself when you laugh to cover things up

  60. renew your commitment to living, every day, no matter what

  61. watch memes on your friends phones, not your own

  62. do drugs, but never keep them at your house

  63. tell your roommates when they do things that bother you

  64. journal daily

  65. drink water every hour

  66. tell your boss when they do something that works

  67. don’t look at your fuel gauge before it’s close to empty

  68. tell your friend when he’s being a little bitch

  69. if someone says no, listen to them the first time

  70. use coconut oil as gel

  71. shave every day

  72. floss

  73. love often

  74. pay attention to how what you eat makes you feel

  75. when you eat candy, eat a lot of it, so it can’t become a regular thing

  76. give gifts more than would be expedient

  77. look after yourself, so when you’re with your friends, you can look after them

  78. become known as empathetic, generous, and stable

  79. use the internet to give to more people than you could ever meet

  80. lean into pain, not away from it

  81. learn more about new, scary things, not none

  82. throw out old stuff constantly, not in binges

  83. make your bed every single fucking day.

  84. let people message you first

  85. subtract things to create space, especially when you want to add things instead

  86. trust that open space will be filled by god with what you need

  87. set a goal with a buddy, and keep each other accountable every week

  88. have an attitude of gratitude

  89. send thank you cards more than you do

  90. listen to books, in addition to reading them

  91. study manifestation

  92. tell yourself stories about the world that are true (facts)

  93. don’t blame others for things you didn’t do

  94. stop working before you start feeling pain, not after

  95. become so good they can’t ignore you

  96. write a book at least once, so you could be enjoyed by the world for centuries

  97. be cheesy, because everybody likes cheesy

  98. stop doing what you think your parents want you to do

  99. don’t kill anyone, no matter what

  100. take antidepressants, if you need them, despite the stigma