There is two things I have been thinking about lately: the law of attraction, and the ego vs. the self. 

The law of attraction, in its most basic form, states that what we focus on in our minds - what we will think about - we will attract in our real lives. 

As an example, my friend showed me a TED talk just yesterday that I had seen a number of years ago. She was incredibly excited to show me, since she thought the talk was right up my alley. While I had seen it before, I really enjoyed the talk, it’s one of my all-time favourites. 

I have stayed consistent in the types of things I think about, which has brought me towards that talk. Just like it has brought me towards other things in life: 

Other TED talks

The idea is that all of the decisions we make in life - the things we seek out - are in line with what we want. We form preferences about what parts of the world we like, and surround ourselves with more of those things. 

So, it’s pretty important we take a second to really dig deep and figure out what we like. 

Or else, we will just be a product of our environments. Other people will make decisions for us. We will attract what other people want, not what we want. 

It’s important to be aware that we attract things based on who we are, and that if we’re not careful, we will continue along the status quo, attracting more of what we have liked in past, or what other people have told us we should do, instead of what we truly like. 

I have also been thinking more about the ego vs. self.

The idea here is that our ego is a major distraction from ourselves. 

Our true selves, consciousness, whatever you want to call it, is much different than our ego. 

Our ego manifests itself in convincing ourselves we are identical to particular thoughts, or emotions, or environments, or relationships. 

We are none of these things, simply by the fact that we can only be aware of them. 

What we are aware of isn’t what we actually are, because if it was, wouldn’t be aware of them, we would just be them. 

Simply in the fact that our emotions are fleeting - they leave after we’ve felt them - means we cannot be identical to these things. 

I am not sure what we really are, probably whatever we experience when we can separate ourselves from distracting thoughts we can’t control, as well as distracting environments. 

An idea of consciousness is that our environment is consciousness, we are identical to it, and we have no individual identity. 

If we were to look at the earth, with a bunch of people and animals on it, we would see it as it is. Each animal has a sort of personality to it, some decision-making power, but what if this is an illusion? 

For animals, it seems like it might be. We don’t look at all animals as thinkers. They seem to just exist as they are, without individual identities. 

Alligators just eat things, they’re not really thinking about stuff when they’re swimming. They’re like grass, just a part of everything. 

Maybe it could be helpful to try thinking in this way about ourselves. Just grass.