With automation already replacing many jobs, it seems like the rate at which this is happening is faster than ever before. Without the ability to replace jobs at the same rate as we are taking them away, we are faced with a number of choices. Either we accept having fewer jobs (check this out), or we increase the rate at which we create jobs, making it higher than it has ever been before. A good way to do this is probably to change our education to create entrepreneurs with employees being the exception, as opposed to our current system, which alienates entrepreneurs as the exception (despite them being the very thing we need for our economy). 

What it really comes down to, is that humans won't be able to survive off easy jobs that can be automated, as they have before. The answer is one most people won't like, but everyone is going to have to become more valuable. Students will have to work much harder to increase their skill sets in breadth and depth. The challenge will be to encourage creativity for children today. As they look to create jobs and opportunities for themselves in a world that is making it harder and harder for young professionals to fit into, the best answer will be to become extremely valuable to the world. 

Did you think about you not having a job when you graduate? What if your job gets automated when you're in it?

Are you prepared to create value for the world on your own?