Creativity takes daily practice. 

So why isn't everyone practicing becoming creative everyday? 

I have a few ideas. 

First, it's pretty hard to do anything everyday. There are a lot of ways we can choose to spend our time, and sometimes we don't even have a choice. Sometimes our commitments/obligations take over, and we're left, stuck. 

I believe we always have a choice. Given that we're in modern society, not having to spend most of our time scavenging for food, or fighting off animals that will kill us, we have choice over how we spend most of our days. 

With this luxury of choice, I sincerely wish everyone uses this wisely. Perhaps we could all work towards building our creativity skills everyday. Perhaps not. This is just one idea. But wouldn't it make sense that with all of this choice over how we spend our time that we use it to better ourselves? 

When we better ourselves by building skills, trying new things, or challenging ourselves in some way, we become happier. Because we are now more useful to society, our new valuable selves get rewarded much more than our old, less useful selves. 

We have all the time in the world, so let's use it to do hard things. 

Sure, hard things are hard. Yes it's easier to do easy things, but I think we owe it to all of humanity to become better people. Maybe we don't owe anyone anything, but what's the alternative? Spend all day growing in no way whatsoever? 

Maybe this works for you! If it does keep doing it. I am not you. But, I have a feeling that in the times where you have been able to commit yourself to getting better at something, you were much happier than you are/were when you're stagnating. 

So get cracking, and start building some skills!