It certainly seems that achieving goals is fun. 

Society values those who are able to achieve things. People who are better at things get rewarded much more than those who have low skill. 

So, of course, it makes that we want to work to improve ourselves by building skills and achieving goals. But the reality is that most goals are very boring. 

Take fitness for example. Exercising everyday, following a plan that you stick to for weeks and months at a time. It's boring isn't it? Shouldn't we switch things up constantly? That's more interesting. That's more fun. 

Doing the same things over and over isn't fun. But when we switch things up, we might be changing our goals. And when we constantly change our goals we get nowhere. 

So maybe success isn't fun? I convinced success can be incredibly fun. Here are three ways we can make success more fun. 

Celebrate often.

When we celebrate, we can review the success we have had. We can measure the progress we're making, and we can feel happy about it. Celebration feels amazing. When we celebrate, we get energy out of our system. We can also refocus on what's next. Reflecting on the lessons we have learned from previous success, we can replicate these moving forward and achieve our goals faster. 

Create each day. 

Changing our perspectives can be EXTREMELY powerful. When we create each day, even when we're following a plan, each time we do something, it feels like the first time. If we can change our perspective from replicating something, doing the same thing over, and being boring to creating it anew each time, continuously improving, and experiencing it anew each time, working towards our goals will be much more fun. 

Eliminate complaints. 

An easy one, when you get there. The 21 day elastic experiment can help you get there. Switch an elastic between your wrists when you complain, and try to keep the elastic on the same wrist for 21 days. Complaining does not help us reach our goals, and it can actually be the very thing holding us back from our goals. by complaining and focusing on the negative, we move backwards, away from our goals, instead of towards the things we want.