1. drink water all the time.

  • at work

  • in the car

  • at the gym

  • in your room

  • at dinner

  • at your friend’s house

water is to humans what vibranium is to the black panther

it’s the magic that keeps everything running

and when you’re running better, you look better

2. tell yourself good things about yourself

one of the great dietitians gives this advice:

the worst thing to put in your body is


the physical manifestation of your body is an exact reflection on the metaphysical contents of your being

your outer world is your inner world

so if you want your outer world to look better

keep the shit out of your inner world.

3. express your emotions in healthy ways

tell your friends when they piss you off

cry when you feel like crying

laugh so hard you cry often

let energy move through you fully and completely so you live your life freely

recently, for me, this was the rediscovery of lifting heavy weights at the gym.

i did this for years until I stopped doing it as often and it started to hurt when i would do it

now that i’ve started pushing my limits again (with form), healthily stressing my nervous system,

i’m reminded that all every single problem i have becomes manageable after a heavy workout

4. take care of yourself like you would a guest in your home

  • take your jacket off and hang it on the hanger when you get home - when you get in your car too

  • pour yourself water with plenty of ice in it, and drink it slowly - instead of chugging warm tap water

  • drink red wine on a week night because it tastes so good - even though it seems a waste of money

  • dress well, even when you’re just going for a walk around the block

  • walk, don’t run, because it’s harder, and healthier

  • eat leftovers hot, not cold

  • use a napkin to wipe the table, not your shirt

with all this respect to your self, you may find yourself starting to respect you back

5. go to bed early often

nothing gives you more energy than sleep.

as my great father once said,

“it’s the hours before midnight that count the most.”

  • your skin looks better

  • your bags under your eyes look better

  • you feel better

  • your food digests better

  • you’re calmer

  • you’re more relaxed

  • you’re more positive

for all the time you spend doing, you need time resting

allow yourself an abundance of time doing what’s most restful and do everything you do better.

6. let other people see how good you look

go out for a walk with your friend, instead of a walk with your thumbs on instagram

show the world your beauty, or at least give them a chance to experience it

the more of yourself you allow to be seen, the prettier you will want to become

the more chances you have to show yourself off

the more you’ll want to become something worth showing

it’s a lot easier to look bad by yourself at home in your room

when you get out of the house, take pictures of yourself, and show the world you

you naturally want people to see a good looking you

you make it easiest for yourself to become something you like to look at.

7. care for your body

  • be hygienic

  • follow a plan to become stretchy and strong

  • move well, play often

the best looking bodies are the ones that move the best

working out is just moving in the same ways over and over, a little harder every time

move in healthy ways, that are fun for you, and try something a little harder every time you practice

your body is first and last on this list because it is the portal you express yourself through

it’s the beginning and the end of your connection with other people

so take care of it, move it, love it

and realize that most of your good looks

are actually everything else.