Instagram is the crack of millennials.

It’s the drug that is ruining your life, yet it’s completely socially acceptable, legal, and has zero negative acute physical effects (other than near-sightedness).

With our limited time together here today, I thought we might do something thinking about why you’re addicted to that endless hole of entertainment perfected to make your dopamine receptors go crazy….

and how we can get you off your phone, and out there into the real world.

So, without further adieu, here are the seven reasons you’re addicted to Instagram.

1. you NEED need human connection.

Solitary confinement is the worst form of torture, because it denies you the opportunity to meet your most basic need…

But solitary confinement with Instagram…? Different story.

The truth is this:

It is easier to connect with people through Instagram than in person.

You don’t have to walk anywhere,…you don’t have to expose your full self… you can keep your distance.

It’s scary to be vulnerable and build strong, deep relationships.

Being honest is the scariest thing I know.

Just like all drugs, the greatest destruction caused by Instagram is in its false representation of healthy human connection.


Notice your lack of deep and meaningful connection to REAL humans in your life, and go deeper into your real relationships.

Likes and comments don’t count as building a friendship.

2. It rewires your brain.

When you get more of an addictive anything, you want more of it.

Instagram rewires your brain for fast feedback and instant gratification.


So you do it more.

You want the easiest path, because you’re a human, so you take it, whenever you can.


Deny yourself the option. Try abstinence for a month. Force yourself to find meaning and purpose elsewhere by depriving yourself of the choice to find it elsewhere.

3. it is god damn easy.

Imagine with me if you will…

We colonize Mars, and Elon Musk wants to introduce a drug to the Mars population.

It is easily concealable, by being hidden in plain sight.

Everyone has access to it, all the time.

It’s unlimited, free, and has no negative physical side effects.

Oh and did I mention that it constantly being iterated (in real-time) to become more and more addicting?

Do you think he would he ever allow the introduction of this drug?



Next time you find yourself reaching into your magical pocket of endless entertainment, go for the harder choice: living in reality.

4. it’s easy to make friends with celebrities

how about having friends you didn’t actually need to talk to, they only talked to you, and this was totally socially acceptable.

Oh, and they’re the best looking things in the world.

Like, the ultimate of no investment required, yet still counts as the same thing.

Following the lives of celebrities (which seems to be a major part of one’s time spent on insta) is a MASSIVE ILLUSION!

you are not friends with a celebrity just by following them. like imagine a relationship like that in the real world.

Oh yea, it’s called paparazzi, and it’s fucking weird!


cut celebrities out of your precious friend circle, and go replace them with less attractive people who are actually curious about you and you can actually touch.

5. it’s easier to live the story of your life than your actual life.

for those interested, here is a super interesting story about a company living a much different reality than their brand story (it’s AirBnB, and the article is one of the most viewed on Medium).

it’s easy to keep distance from others by fabricating yourself into a story.

here is me when I’m great, and here is nothing else.

It’s easy for you and me to love me when things are good, so let’s just pretend life is always like that and never actually face any difficult love challenges ever.


yet, time and time again, we see people rewarded for exposing their true selves.

stop falling victim to only believing the good is lovable.


either post every part of yourself, or post nothing. put out into the world a highly-censored superficial version of yourself, and expect this in return in all of your relationships. so long, scrumptious depth to all your friends.

6. having a shorter attention span is easier than a long one.

was this point seriously harder to read than the other ones…?


read for hours at a time. long walks/hangouts. movies, not 4 second clips. write books.

7. hating yourself is harder than loving yourself.

it’s the ultimate law of the universe - if it was easy to be loving, we all would.

when you hate yourself, it becomes impossible to love others.

when we spend a lot of time on instagram comparing yourself to the perfect stories of others, it becomes easy to wallow in self-pity…

it’s much easier to spend time there than it is to spend time admiring yourself


even better than spending time admiring yourself… try spending time actually changing yourself for the better (IN REALITY).





i appreciate and admire you for taking some time today to better yourself…

reading and expanding your mind is something that helps everyone around you…

so kudos to you for improving the lives of many :)

i had a great time with you today, feel free to send me an e-mail with any thoughts you have about the article, or if you have any future article ideas.

much love to you and your family, sending good vibes your way as we begin 2019 together with a bang!