To some, it might seem like women have all the power in the reproductive game. After all, they’re the ones who can carry the babies.

On the other hand, not all men are created equal.

For the women that want to attract a highly desirable man, they want to know what men look for when choosing a woman.

For those women, I made this article.


  1. Confidence.

As many times as we’re going to tell you you’re beautiful, we can’t make you hear it. If you’re in a place of contentment with yourself and who you are, we feel 10x more attracted to you, because we too will feel confident about ourselves around your energy.

Confidence is key. For guys and girls.

2. Health.

Are you addicted to food as medication for your emotional struggles? Do you naturally find yourself being active, getting outside, putting great things into your body? Do you hate or love going to the gym?

Whatever your habits, we’re attracted to the healthy ones. We want you to be healthy, we want us to be healthy, we want our kids to be healthy. You’ve got to be able to take care of yourself before you can take care of other people.

3. Calmness.

Are you anxious, stressed, and moving quickly through your life? We’re not attracted to that. We want to spend time with our partners in ways that we can slow down and be calm with one another. Of course, we want to support each other through our struggles, but the more we can carry ourselves with ease, the faster and more relaxed the whole experience of relating will be.

4. Values.

We want to be around people who share our values for the world. These may include believing in kindness, thinking in terms of humanity as a whole, and valuing the long-term over the short term. Values are usually something that are clearly shared or not based on intuition.

They’re also something that are best held individually, as opposed to being changed to match someone else.

5. Kids.

Do you love children, and are you good with them? Do you hate them? Do you want to have them? Women have plenty more skills for caring for children than men do, which makes us attracted to women who we can trust to take care of our kids.

6. Fun.

We want to have fun with you. We usually are too serious in our regular lives to want to have a serious type of relationship. We want to make you laugh just as much as we want to laugh ourselves. We want things to feel easy, and to be smiling the whole way through.

7. Communication.

Great communication between partners is a magical thing. Guys want a girl who can communicate what they’re feeling, what they want, and how they want it, without saying the opposite thing. We are always getting better at reading between the lines, but boy oh boy is someone who can just say it how it is refreshing.

And there you have it folks! I seriously hope you enjoyed reading today’s article, and really look forward to the next one we’re going to share together.

Until then, smile!

Your friend,