does anyone else love the mind-hug a matching fit gives you?

less is more.

design that iterates.

daily creativity.

channeling God.

I absolutely love being creative. Freely designing anything.

Being free to actually see what I like is something I don’t often get to do.

Well that’s not totally true…

something i’ve always liked believing

is that i’m forced to do certain things

that i don’t have a choice

and if we’re being real for a second…

that can’t be true… like ever.

creativity loves constraints… yes.

don’t kill people… yes.

are there rules we have to follow… yes.

but is how you play the game of life


up to you?


I’m starting to recognize there is this part of me that absolutely loves being controlled.

There is comfort in knowing I don’t have to be responsible with picking what to do.

I like being able to just do whatever I’m tasked with well…

while not being responsible for picking the wrong thing.

While we’re getting honest here, we can see that there are some lies here too.

Doing something well doesn’t make it important.

So no, you can’t blame society for pressuring you to get that job…

Or your parents for ‘making’ you go to school.

What you’ve done, and what you choose to do in the future is your fault.

And if you pick the wrong thing, there’s no one else you can fairly blame.



you’re the one that ends up with the degree you were told to get…

you are one who gets sick after trying that ‘perfect diet’…

basically all I am getting to with you today is this:

instead of the burden it is built up to be in your mind

choosing to take full responsibility of your life

is the single most freeing thing you can do.

(it’s also the most honest too…)


except for yourself.

listen closer to what you’re trying say

respect your inner voice

and watch it guide you

towards the beauty that exists

in life at its most truthful.


of what’s yours in your life

and what’s not.

you’re never going to have your own life by accident

that doesn’t mean it’s difficult

all it takes is a little less effort,

and a little more looking up.

We are just the universe experiencing itself.
— Jay Alvarrez

Thanks for reading you beautiful person :)

It’s a joy being able to write for you again, and I look forward to the magic we’re going to create in your life together.

It’s my belief that we could all use some help getting closer to truth in our lives.

(especially me!)

I hope these posts can help you think a little differently, and have a little bit more of the good stuff in your own life.

Much love from your #1 lover: