There is an interesting phenomenon of the mind that I wanted to explore with you today.

This is the tendency for you to put big, hard-to-comprehend ideas far into the future, and distant from the present.

Here are a couple examples:

  • Death

  • Getting a fit body

  • Reading a lot of books

  • Making a lot of friends

  • Having a healthy marriage

  • Making millions of dollars

  • Travelling to every country you want to visit

But when you really take a second to break these goals down…

You realize that these seemingly massive accomplishments

Are really just a collection of daily work.

Examples again:

  • Death: Becoming aware of each part of you that dies every day

  • Fit body: Eating, sleeping, and exercise habits that you practice every day

  • Well-read: Reading something every day

  • Friends: Seeing someone (or making plans to) every day

  • Marriage: Working on yourself and/or your relationship every day

  • Millionaire: Creating something people value every day

  • Travelling: Planning - or actually going on - trips every day


It’s time to ask yourself what you’re doing each day to live more or die more.

What incredible daily goals can you create to ensure you reach these seemingly insurmountable major life achievements?

Once you pick these, practice them hundreds and then thousands of times.

And then maybe if you’re lucky you might get a little bit closer to your goals than you are right now.

You are what you do repeatedly. So your excellence isn’t an act, it’s a habit.
— Will Durant