end of story.

the world will consume you, unless you create your own.

nobody ever got famous for watching netflix all-day

but i’ve seen a hell of a lot of famous people creating it

creation forces you to step into the void that is the connection with other yous.

it challenges you to risk your life, for being different.

because, creation forces you to die.

it requires you to replace your old self with a new one.

consuming doesn’t do anything. nothing dies.

consumption allows you to stay the same.

it’s creating something that gives you a chance to change.

it’s creation that allows you a chance to grow.

no one ever did anything great on their own.

and while you can consume on your own, you cannot create on your own

it’s creation that spurs a spontaneous desire to share.

a life of sharing, a life of love.

now isn’t that it?

i will keep creating this blog.

and i will be scared while doing it.

and each post i make,

each week that passes,

i will become just a little bit stronger.

and one day,

out of nowhere

the world will not have the chance the ignore my strength.


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give yourself a chance at strength



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mmmm that looks good i want to click it

mmmm that looks good i want to click it

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ooh i wonder what happens if i click the picture!

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click me :)