(title inspired by: Casey Neistat)

A common theme I have started to notice in my life is this: 

Once you liberate yourself by the supposed, given rules of Reality...

Once you test these assumptions by doing the exact opposite...

You start to realize this:






Everything popular is wrong.
— Oscar Wilde


See, as it turns out, reality is actually spelled with a lowercase 'r', because it is made to be changed (by you and me). 

It isn't some strict game with hard and fast rules that can never be broken. 

In fact, the best parts of life are usually found behind the rules. 


We make social contracts with each other as a means to expedite our thinking.

"If someone else is doing something, it's probably a good idea," we might think to ourselves. 

And "If a lot of people are doing something, it is definitely required that I do it or I will get abandoned by the tribe, be forced to survive on my own, which turns out to be totally impossible considering I am a caveman." 


It seems to me that in recent centuries, the very part of our brain optimized to ensure we live a great life has come to serve the exact opposite function for us. 

Now, we flock towards those that are different. We celebrate those who do the spectacular, force us to question our beliefs about the world, and we do it without realizing it. 






Early on in my life, I would often have a thought that would go something along the lines of...

"This person said this thing, which, if true, makes all those other people (usually the majority) so incredibly wrong it doesn't even seem possible."

And then, almost always, years later I only have come to find out those people only get more and more right. 


See, the setup of life (and intelligence) is an exponential one.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.
— Albert Einstein

And since it's easiest to listen to our mammal brains, most of us compound thoughts of how to fit in with the pack on top of one another. 

This only makes the discrepancy between cooks and chefs increase with time. 

Thus, you better make sure you're on the right side of the coin, or else you will become forever increasingly wrong. 

And you don't want to be wrong. 


So, in short, what we take as 'rules' in society are actually 'guides' of what to do in order to gain social value. 

Let me give you an example. 


It's impossible to eat unhealthy foods and gain weight. 

You should feel guilty for not eating vegetables. 

All food makes you fat. 


"You can't eat whatever you want without gaining weight." 

Well, as it turns out, you can. And I do. 

So whoop dee doo, you want to too. 

Because it was you not me or should I say thee

Who bought this idea hee hee

Because you couldn't believe it

So you had to see

And now you're excited you found out

When you might yell, "Yippee!"



While the detailed plan of how you can design your life to eat whatever you want is in progress, the main thesis of this article holds true:



When you go for what you want

especially when everyone says you can't have it

you end up getting what you want

and a ton of friends to boot




I had an awesome time writing for you - I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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