Every area of your life is better clean than it is dirty. 

Your physical world. 

Your mental world. 

Your friendships. 

Your relationship. 

Your health. 

Your family. 

Your work. 

When your life is clean, you're able to focus on what really matters. 

In your physical world, this looks like keeping your room, backpack, kitchen, bathroom,  and living room clean. 

In your mental world, this means taking action on changes you want to make in your life, and meditating to ensure your wants and actions are aligned. 

In your friendships, this looks like cutting out friends who take away from your life, and spending most of your time with those you love most. 

In your relationship (if you have one), this means directly communicating about issues as they come up, not 'sweeping them under the rug' until it's convenient to discuss them. 

In your health, this means cleaning up the shit you put in your body, cleaning out all the toxins with exercise and hot/cold exposure, and refuelling with nature exposure. 

In your family, this also looks like direct communication to clean up lingering issues, especially old grudges, which are easy to create with such a longstanding relationship. 

In your work, this looks like cleaning up the little, unimportant tasks so you can spend most of your time on the big stuff that matters. 

The ultimate goal with cleanliness is to maintain a resilient, clean, presently-aware state of mind. 

You want to be able to use all your mental resources for everything you do each day. 

Having a dirty life takes up precious mental space that you could be using to better enjoy each moment. 

A clean mind allows us to capture all the beauty that is in life. 

Your life is interconnected, which is why a messy room makes it more difficult to focus studying, and why a fight in your relationship makes the rest of your day suck. 


Once you can build cleanliness into one area of your life (like your room), you'll find it's easy to move this habit other areas of your life. 

It's easiest to be clean across the board. 

And it's really as simple as cleaning up messes as you make them. 

Do one thing at a time, and don't move onto the next thing until you're completely done. 

This takes discipline, but it will build strength for you in your life. 

The best solution to any problem is to not create it in the first place.
— John Samuel Gray

Take the easy path. Clean as you go. Easily enjoy the present.