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If you're feeling lost on how to solve some of your biggest problems, it's probably not the 'how'. 

In fact, if you think the how is the problem, you can almost be sure it's something else. 

Something deeper. 

Here is the 'how' for some of your biggest problems: 

  1. You want to be healthy and fit? 
    1. Don't eat garbage, and stick to a consistent exercise routine.
  2. You want a good sleep? 
    1. Let yourself go to bed when you're tired. 
  3. You want good friends?
    1. Cut out friends who drain you of energy, and spend more time with those that give you energy.
  4. You want a deep, nourishing feeling of happiness? 
    1. Get your happiness from connecting with others, not from spending money
  5. You want to retire early? 
    1. Spend the same, small amount of money every year, and invest everything else.
  6. You want an uncluttered mind and life? 
    1. Meditate every morning and use your phone less. 
  7. You want to be productive? 
    1. Get up early, when no one is awake to distract you, and work for a few hours. 
  8. You want to stop hiding your pain in drugs, alcohol, sugar, screen entertainment, and other luxuries? 
    1. Find your pain with the help of your closest friends and heal this pain with action. 
  9. You want to be able to talk to anyone
    1. Look for something you want to learn from everyone, and ask them to teach it to you. 
  10. You want to feel confident
    1. Take action on aligning your reality with what you want it to be. 

It's so easy to tell ourselves that not knowing the 'how' is what's in our way. 

But this is clearly silly. 


The 'how' is everywhere. 


The world is full of people who have solved every single one of your problems. 

You just have to find them. And ask. 

So if it's not the 'how', then why do you still have tons of problems? 


Because it's the 'why'. 


Your why will guide you to every 'how' you need to know. 


If you're feeling lost in finding the 'how', you probably don't have a very strong why to guide you. 

But there's a problem with finding your best 'why'. 

It's hard. 

It's easy to do well in school to please your parents. 

It's easy to make your body aesthetic to become good enough for others. 

It's easy to stay on a team you don't like because you don't want to make everyone unhappy by quitting

But at least when you have a 'bad' why, you still have a why. 


Having a strong why is what drives you to take action.


And ideally, you have an awesome why.

Ideally, you're taking care of your body so it can enable you to better help others. 

Ideally, you're working on your job/school to improve your ability to contribute value to the lives of other people. 

Ideally, you're making life decisions that feel right for you, instead of ones that feel right for everyone but you. 

Ideally, you know your why. And ideally, it's an awesome one. 

If you take the time to control your why, you can use it to design your life. 

You can use your why to fuel you to find the how. 

In fact, you need your why to drive you to take action on the how. 



Because at the end of the day, all that matters is what makes you take action.



If [more] information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.
— Derek Sivers


  1. Ask yourself why you're doing what you do.
  2. Either change what you're doing or why you're doing it until there is a match.
  3. Find it much easier to do what you do (and get better at it) with a why you can get behind.

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