Do you want to accumulate wealth?

Why not see how the world's best have done it?

In my favourite documentary on Warren Buffett, Bill Gates father asks them both to describe why they're successful in one word. 




Since you want to be successful, you realize you need to understand how to focus. 

Focus is just saying no

When you're studying, it's saying no to scrolling things. 

When you're supposed to go to the gym, it's saying no to everything else for an hour. 

When you're adopting a new habit, it's saying no to every other habit you want. One at a time. 


It's easiest to say no when you're clear on where to say yes

You probably find it easy to forget you have a finite amount of energy. 

If you haven't tried to pack a million things into your life at once, don't. 

If you have already, you know what I'm talking about. 

Knowing you have a finite amount of energy forces you to do this:




If you learn to sequence your goals, you'll learn you can have anything, just not all at once. 

Sequencing means you work on your most important goal first, and the rest later. 

And since your preferences change with time, the order of these other goals will probably change.

But that doesn't matter. 

For sequencing to work, all you need to do is be very clear about what you want right now. 

Everything else can wait.

Say yes to your focus and no to everything else. 

The Illusion

It's easy to kid yourself about what you want most. 

You'll find it easy to try to fight the fact that your energy is finite. 

You'll convince yourself you want many things the most. But you don't. 


Be aware of this illusion. 


You want one thing the most. 

The best in the world already told you, focus is the most important thing. 

Accept that you can have it all, just not all now. 

Figure out your yes, and say no to everything else.