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Before even getting into answering this question, can we just take a second to realize how important being happy is? 

I'm really starting to become sure that it's important to measure our lives by how much time we spend having fun or feeling happy. 

By accident, I got a lot of practice being happy growing up.

Filled with curiosity, I asked questions all the time. In elementary school, everyone hated me. All the teachers were tired of me. 

But asking questions made me happy. 

Asking someone a question makes them feel important, and makes you smarter. 

Plus, it brings you closer to other people, which is really important since you're a human and you crave a sense of belonging

I started to look at everyone as an opportunity to learn. 

It was selfish really, but I just followed my curiosity.

Every day, I was absolutely thrilled to be at school. 

It was a place filled with people whose lives I could learn about. 

I loved learning. And they loved sharing. 

Happiness is a Perspective. 

There's the potential for fun in every moment. 

And it's up to you to find that fun. 

And that fun is probably in the people around you.