For you, normal is not just going through the motions. 

Normal is enthusiasm filling all corners of your day. 

It's discovering something that you can't help being curious about. 

Normal is wishing you didn't have to sleep because you just love being awake so much. 

Have you forgotten what normal is? 

Sometimes we stray from our normal. 

We fall victim to the illusion of comfort.

Comfort feels good, but it is always a sign of slowing progress. 

Comfort is the enemy of growth.
— johnsamuelgray

I have a beautiful method to share with you to help you escape boredom...

...and get back to normal

Introducing: Red Teaming

A red team or red force is an independent group that challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness.
— Wikipedia

You don't know what you don't know, and red teaming can help you uncover the unknown in your life. 

Chances are that if you're bored, you're lost on how to return to normal. 

Red teaming can show you the way. 


Here's how to start red teaming your life: 

1. Explore new people. Get introduced, or join a new group. These new people will provide you with new perspectives on life. 

2. Explore new places. Check out a new park in the city, the province, or visit another country. New physical environments make it easy to have new mental environments (thoughts). 

3. Explore new ideas. Ask a friend to teach you something. Read a new book. Watch a documentary. Follow your curiosity.


Exploration Breeds Curiosity. 

There is way too much awesome in this life to be bored. 

That's why your normal is so much curiosity you don't want to sleep. 

Exploration and red teaming will reveal new curiosities to you.

Red teaming will ultimately guide you out of boredom and back to normal. 

Bonus: Red Teaming as insurance. 

It's easy for you to hold onto beliefs once they have enough time to become comfortable. 

You may start to turn these beliefs into facts without realizing it. 

Red teaming will uncover these errors for you. 

Here are a couple beliefs that I used to think were facts: 

  1. Health is the most important thing. I found out that the stress I placed on myself to maintain perfect health was actually extremely unhealthy. 
  2. Productivity is the most important thing. Play and other unproductive things actually make me feel really happy and fulfilled.
  3. Sobriety will make me uptight. Nearly a year of non-regular alcohol consumption has taught me unwinding can take tons of other forms. It's had to. 

Red teaming will insure you against the belief-fact trap. 

The only thing I know is that I know nothing.
— Socrates