Over the past couple of months, I have used the reminders app on my phone to reconnect with my body, transform my default state of thinking from negative to positive, and, most importantly, successfully moved on from what was the most depressing period in my life. 

Sounds pretty powerful right? Let's get into the details, so you can get some of these results too. 

But first, the why: 



You become your environment. 



For a little more depth, I've got some help writing that article, which is right here.

But, to keep it simple, you become what you're surrounded by. And this isn't news to you, you've heard all of this before.

"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with." 

We identify with our culture, sex, job, friends, and sports we play. 

"I am Canadian, male, a Vancouverite, business graduate, cheerleader."

What we do, and where we do it becomes who we are. Period. 



Now this is contrary to another school of thought which says that we get to choose what we think regardless of the environment we find ourselves in.

To go a little deeper, while we do always have the choice over our thoughts, our power to influence our thoughts, and make decisions in general is finite. With limited energy, we want to be rationing our thinking power to the things that matter most. 

To sum things up:



The ideal life is one that where you exist in environments that are

completely aligned with the person you want to become. 



The most influential part of your environment is the people you're surrounded by. They are what rub off on you most. So, if you want to change who you are, start surrounding yourself with people you want to become. And, stop surrounding yourself with people you don't want to become. 

Got it? Makes sense? Pretty simple stuff here. You become your environment. Simple as that. 



Now, changing who you surround yourself with is a complex, painful, time-intensive task. Instead of tackling this head on, we're going to start a lot smaller. We're going to start with what could be the second most important part of your environment: your phone. 

Since we're always looking at our phones, they're always influencing us. Now if you can take control of what you see on your phone, you can take control of who you're going to become. 




1. Decide on the most important new thought you want to rewrite. 

For me, since I was in a depression, suffering from lots of negative, self-deprecating thoughts, my phrase was: 'You decided that you are a valuable person.'

2. Repeat this as a reminder on your phone throughout the day. 

I used 7am, 3pm, and 8pm, but you can use other times that work for you. As long as it's consistently being repeated throughout the day, your brain won't be able to help itself from absorbing it, which is exactly what we want. 

3. Actually read the phrase when you see it. 

Out loud if you can. This is a game of hard work and repetition. The more reps you can get of this phrase to your brain, the deeper it will be ingrained inside of you. The more it will become a part of you. 


And that's it. 



It's just that easy. Set it, and forget it. Now, you will automatically be reprogramming how you think by leveraging one of the world's great technologies. Good job. 

Now I hope this helps you get closer to the person you want to become. I would really be curious about what loops you chose to use! Send me an e-mail with your phrase at sam@johnsamuelgray.com, and I'll help you make any adjustments. 

Oh, and hop on my e-mail list below too to get notified when new articles come out. 

Much love, and see you in my next article!




2. In the physical world, start going to locations (forests, bodies of water, mountains, restaurants, parks, etc.) that are existing now as the energy you want to become in the future. 

3. Start surrounding yourself with the podcasts, YouTube videos/channels, music, Netflix shows that you want to become more like in the future. 


Live intentionally, and without force. Let nature shape you, because it is infinitely stronger than your little brain will ever be. Put yourself in the place that you want to become more like, and watch yourself naturally, and easily step into the life you deserve.