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You might be wondering what would happen to you if you stopped using Instagram.

I did an experiment on myself (and let's pretend you're me), so you can see what it's like on the other side.

In short, you haven't been consuming your Instagram newsfeed in 2018...


And it feels fucking fantastic



No more...


  • Worrying about how fat you are

  • worrying about how poor you are

  • Worrying about how much fun you're having

  • Attention residue

  • having a 5-second long attention span

  • Constant stress of not being where you're supposed to be

  • Walking on the hedonic treadmill

  • Practicing conditional love to yourself and others




  • Focus

  • A more relaxed existence

  • Not worrying about what other people think

  • More love for yourself

  • More energy to put towards reaching your goals

  • Becoming resilient to distraction, not attracted to it

  • A deeper connection to reality (and a weaker connection to digital reality)

  • Having to actually ask your friends what they did for their Christmas break

  • Feeling like you're enough. 



See, the Instagram competition seems to be in direct opposition to the reality competition. 


In the real world, you want to feel like you're enough. 

You value love. You value connection.

You want to become closer to the web of the universe.


You want a deep understanding of life itself,

 of what it means to be alive,

and you want to feel this entire process. 



These are the rewards, the goals you aim for in trying to win your best life. 

And they have nothing to do with what gets the most likes on Instagram. 


So why play the game? 

You'll be surprised by the first point of this article from a million-reader-a-month blog: 

8 Ways To Be The Healthiest Person In The World

The First Step: Information Diet


You are what you eat. 

Or, put more generally...


You become what you consume.


So why are you consuming garbage? 

Why are you subjecting yourself to an environment that breeds feelings of inadequacy? 


Why are you exposing yourself to the best parts of everyone's lives, only to guarantee your own puny life to feel like it's not enough


This article was originally about how you've come to subconsciously idolize Instagram models. 

And if you're like most, this rung a bell inside of you. It made you think. 

It made you ponder what this force is having on your life. 

And since you spend at least an hour a day on this thing, you thought it was worth checking to see if this was an hour well spent. 

And even after you figured out it probably wasn't, you decided you keep in your life. 

You decided to continue idolizing Instagram models. 


Actually, I think you decided to give up control of your life. 

Because it's easier than doing your work. 

It's easier than struggling with your existential crises. 

With your problems connecting to your family. 

Or your significant other. 

Or your best friend. 


You took the easy way out, because you're human. 

You know it's for the worse, but do you really? 

Does it really feel like you're running away when you pull out your phone for a couple minutes? 

Do you really notice yourself drifting away from your friends when it happens so gradually? 

Do you really care? 


You say you do. 

And then you're actions say what you really think. 


Design your environment. 

Design your life. 


Hello hello! 

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