It feels like my whole life I’ve been trying to show you how much better I am than you are.

First things first, I’m learning this isn’t true at all.

And before we get into that, why would I want it to be true?

Receiving love is an uncomfortable experience for me, so creating distance between us creates some safety.

Thank god I realize how much bullshit that is, and how great it feels to give and receive love.

As hard as I’ve tried to be superhuman, I keep getting smacked in the face with the reality that I’m a human being, just like you.

I’m starting to realize it ain’t half bad being a human being - flaws and all.

In fact, the flaws are the good stuff. Why?

Because my flaws make the process of loving myself challenging.

And challenges are fun, right?

Imagine if we were perfect. Love would flow easily. It wouldn’t be earned, and it wouldn’t feel anywhere near as good.

It’s the poles in our emotions that allow for their beauty.

If I can work to love my fucked up parts more and more, maybe - just maybe - you’ll start loving yourself that much more.

And since we are literally what makes up the world…

Let’s watch as we fill the entire planet up with more love.

Slowly but surely…

With love,