(I stole the title of this article from Andrew Hales)


Without expectations, life becomes infinitely easier.


It is easiest for you to force your life to take shape. 

When things are going your way - how you want them to go - you let them be. And when they aren't, you change them. 

As a human being, you love feeling in control. 


  • You love feeling secure.

  • You love feeling safe.

  • You love routine.

  • You love reassurance. 

  • You love predictability.


But do you really?



It's funny how magic always happens when you give up control.


When you travel to a place you've never been. 

Or take a job doing something brand new, something you have no idea if you'll like. 

Or when you try a new food, full of flavours you've never felt before. 

You know that your best friends came from the most unpredictable places. 



you know that controlling your life to become the perfect thing you want it to be is exactly contradictory to allowing the magic, serendipity, and freedom you want most into your life. 



And yet you still don't say hi to anyone on the bus. 

You don't strike up a conversation with the person who makes you coffee. 

And you definitely don't take that trip, because it's too much money. 



You need freedom. You say you love exploring.

But what do you actually do? 



Life is always happening for us, not to us.
— Tony Robbins

Sign up for that new sport you think you'll get hurt playing. 

Call that old friend you've been putting off connecting with forever. 

...And when you feel the crippling fear of not knowing how they're going to respond? 



Do it anyways. 



You've been put on this earth to explore all you can. 



  • The mountains, the oceans. 

  • The people, the beings. 

  • The games, the players. 

  • The value, the money. 

  • The lessons, the mentors. 

  • The languages, the people. 

  • The culture, the people. 

  • The food, the people. 



People have brought you the greatest gifts you have received in your life so far. 

People spark the deepest emotion in you, deeper than anything non-sentient could try for. 

The best part about people? 


You have no idea what they're going to do. 



The best part about life?






So stop kidding yourself that you do. 

Take off the "I have it all together" mask. 

Let go of the need to show only the best parts of your life. 

To the world, to yourself. 

And start embracing the wonder. 

Because you wouldn't have it any other way. 

Thank you for reading!

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