Can you think your way to a million dollars?

Ask Napoleon Hill, and you’ll get a yes.

This is the core mistake that I observe, that I see so many of my friends making that I want you to STOP.

All of the talking in the world will not make anything happen.

Change happens through action.

Let your action speak for itself,

Don’t rob your action of its special privilege.

What does this look like?

  • Telling precisely zero people about your diet until you’ve reached its goal

  • Telling nobody about the company you’re starting, until you’ve actually started it

  • Telling someone after you’ve paid off your debt, not before.

Even better:

  • Showing your new body off that you worked for over a year at the beach, having someone else compliment you for it, so you don’t need to say a thing.

  • Ending a relationship that hurts you, and forming a new one, or going deeper in a current relationship that actually serves you, instead of complaining to every human you see about how so-and-so is hurting you.

  • Letting your boss congratulate you on that big sale instead of telling him and everyone else in the office about it before it’s complete, only to have it fall apart in the close.

This is where I’ve made all my money. Quietly building while everyone else is using all their precious energy to let everyone else know about what they want to do while getting distracted from actually doing it.

You have a finite amount of energy, which means if you use all of it on the stuff that actually gets done, change can happen very fast.

What ends up happening is you find it convenient to put some energy here and there - ‘energy leaks’ as my mentor likes to call them - and you end up with half (or less) of what you started with for doing the actual work.

Focus is the name of the game, according to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The secret is already out.

So Sam, What do I do?

  1. Form the new belief that your life is about yourself; that your outside world is a delayed mirror of your inside world, and that you’re safe to focus on building your inside world first.

  2. Work on yourself, while helping others second - never the other way around. Change happens by acting on what’s in your control, everything else is gravy.

  3. Cut all the projects out of your life that you’re only doing to tell people about them. Start spending some time alone, and see what comes up for you. Stop posting on Social Media, and being sporadic in your schedule. Commit to weekly habits of only activities you like, and keep them going for a long time.

I’m writing this is for me, first.

It’s time for me to think, to slow down, and process what’s going on in my life.

It’s me carefully using my energy to really get clarity on what I’m focused on changing in my own life.

And by me crystallizing this for myself, then sharing it with you, two things happen:

  1. I gain clarity on what I want to change in my life right now (adding to the likelihood of the change actually occuring)

  2. I build up commitment and trust with myself. By sharing my process, I become accountable to you to actually change. It’s free motivation.

I find myself often too careful of what I share.

The reality is you never know what crazy way sharing something might impact someone else’s life.

And often you never actually find out.

But I believe the potential ways this article can help you in your life are beyond countless.

They are the gravy on top of the priority: me bettering myself.