People don’t hate you, they like you.

You’re not fat, you’re fit.

You already have all you need.

Your friends want to support you.

You’re actually really good-looking.

You haven’t lost your touch, you’re just getting started.

In time, things are going to change for you.

Your life is exactly what you tell yourself.

You can choose to lie to yourself.

Or, you can choose to tell yourself the truth.

So, at the very least, tell yourself the truth.

But what about that which you cannot know to be true?

Are you actually going to be a good father?

Make a million dollars?

Travel around the world?

Meet the woman of your dreams?

Become an entrepreneur?

Bench three plates?

Build an abundance of friends?

Are you going to tell yourself Bullshit?

Or Truth?

Because Reality says, when it comes to the future, you get to decide what will be true.

Make true what you want.

Or, at least, don’t lie.

Today, on my day of birth, I lead you by example, breaking through all the bullshit stories I’ve told myself about why I shouldn’t write again.

So here’s the truth.

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I love you very much. Thank you for reading this post. Thanks for being here. Thanks for interacting with me, and supporting me up to this point. Thanks for giving me a reason to keep going. Thank you for your e-mails. Thank you for your love.

Thank you for everything.