This is a secret I’ve been wanting to share for awhile.

It’s one of those extra special ones that you’d rather share later rather than sooner.

It has brought me:

  • more confidence

  • more consistent progress towards my goals than I have every experienced previously in my life

  • the best upper body I’ve every had

  • completion of now over nine books

  • four writing clients

  • and plenty more…

What is it?


No, it is not more complex than that.

Check out the picture below to get an idea of what I’m talking about.


How does it work?

  1. pick weekly targets

  2. write a 12 week chart for these goals

  3. hit them every week

  4. Feel like a beast, change yourself in a consistent and measurable way, and win at life

Why does it work?

it’s okay to have an off day.

But it’s a lot less okay to have an off quarter.

With this chart, you don’t have room to think your way out of living the life you want, you don’t have time.

Your targets give you no choice but to DO what you need to get DONE.

And since life happens in REALITY not in your HEAD…

This system is a beautiful way of bridging the two.

Bonus: Lessons from using the system for 20 weeks

  1. Start as small as possible.

Pick your starting weekly targets close to the number one.

The point of this system is to build up confidence which comes after weeks and weeks of hitting your goals.

You can always increase your goals later, once you’ve proven to yourself you can get shit done.

But until then, start as small as you can, be easy on yourself, and watch as you start to realize just how capable you are.

2. Have categories

Mine are: basics, work, and fun. You can pick whatever works for you.

The point is there is a hierarchy to them.

For example, if I miss a week of watching videos to improve my jiu-jitsu (on my fun, third priority list), I won’t get down on myself.

On the other hand, if I missed my three gym sessions one week - well, I have yet to do that over twenty weeks, since my goal is set properly for me.

Since my targets are achievable for me, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind I’m going to hit them every week.

And when I do, for a long time, it starts to feel like I’m actually worth something.

3. Tallies only.

No descriptions or words allowed. Life is a numbers game, so keep it that way.

4. Check on it throughout the week

See where you’re at, see if you’re going to hit your marks, adjust as necessary.

And if you miss a week, plan to hit it harder the following week.

5. Build habits

At its best, this system is a habit tracker. It’s a visual representation to yourself of things you already do automatically.

For me, my depression usually takes the form of hitting me with ‘not good enough bullets’. With this system, I have a pretty thick armour against these bullets. It keeps me honest with the progress I am making in my life - which is, after all, just perpetual execution of healthy habits.

And there you have it, friends! I hope you try this system out, or a version of it, and that you see progress towards your most valuable goals.

You deserve big things, which takes weeks and weeks and quarters of work. May this system help you get the life you deserve.

With love and admiration for your beautiful self,