thank you for keeping me alive

you can’t really put a price on that, can you.

for showing me that there is a way out.

for saving me years of mounting pain.

for stopping me from hurting myself.

for letting me learn the easy way. (even when the hard way feels so much more comfortable).

thank you for being my best friend, when I couldn’t be.

for showing me that i’m allowed to listen to myself.

and that it’s okay if other people don’t like me.

thanks for showing me i’m allowed to piss people off.

that i’m allowed to be done with feeling like trash.

that feeling good doesn’t need to always end in catastrophe.

thank you for letting me sleep regularly.

for letting me eat like a normal person, and become stable,

without also thinking of myself as an average loser.

thanks for showing me i’m okay how I am

and that maybe me hating myself

is actually the guiding light I need;

the voice of god there to show me exactly where to go

with me always,

bless your soul for being here!

thank you so much for reading this poem, i so appreciate it.

let me know if you love it by leaving a comment

and i hope you love yourself that much more now <3