Mr. Money Mustache has been an excellent resource that has helped me learn more about money's actual role in today's society. Start with this article

Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You To Be Rich Blog is another great resource. I recommend starting here. Also, this is a great negotiation guide you can use to lower your phone bill. 

For tracking spending, I like to log each dollar in the notes app on my phone, and at the end of each month, copy over the note to an excel spreadsheet with all my spending from the past couple of years.

I like taking the time, but if this sounds like too much work, try Mint. It basically does all this for you, and more. 

For getting jobs, I don't recommend any fancy online tools or resumes. Instead, I recommend good old-fashioned talking to family and friends to see if they know people in the industry you're looking for. Then talk to those people. Keep talking to people until you get a job.