depression insurance

positive daily texts to insurance you against depression


beautifully crafted messages

written by the most pure, bright fairies guaranteed to add some shimmer to your day.


just cents a day

shower yourself with gifts of positive energy, every day, for pennies.


good vibes only

around here, it’s all you’re going to know - get used to it.



five dollars a week. gifted to yourself every week. cancel anytime.

make those rainy days a little better

be kind - gift happiness to your future self.


meet your coach

This is Sam. He’s got your back.

After writing and launching an entire book on happiness, that was the last thing Sam could think about. Burned out, depressed, and later suicidal, Sam was forced to drop everything and rebuild himself from the ground up.

He realized his depression was no fault of his own. Negative media, people, and thoughts had surrounded him without him knowing it.

He hit a turning point when he discovered Jordan Peterson and his message to find meaning through taking responsibility. Not only did more responsibility make Sam less depressed, but it made him more stable - and more grounded.

Through his Depression Insurance program, Sam continues to increase his responsibility by writing the positive, grounding messages found in Depression Insurance himself. He is deeply grateful for the opportunity to share his journey with you.