I am waking up around 6:30, beginning each day with about 26 minutes of meditation, guided by my friend, Sam Harris.

I am in Bali, enjoying fresh, local food at $1/meal. 

I am working on finishing my first book, which should be done within the week. When I am done this, I will start my second. 

I am working on this blog, aiming to release one killer post each week. 

I am working to vlog each day, which you can find at the link on the top bar. 

I am enjoying connecting with friends and family on the phone back home. 

I am enjoying connecting with my friends at the hostel I'm staying at, which costs $4/night. They are from all corners of the world, and have really interesting stories. 

I am invigorating my body with yoga everyday, as well as some pull-ups, push-ups, and other fun strength building exercises. Usually in the evening. 

I am really happy where I am, so I am doing what they say - if you're happy stay where you are. So I am going to stay right here for as long as I'm happy.