Most of my thoughts are taken up by dreaming of the skiing I'm going to do at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver this Winter. Not true, but I have been looking forward to this very much. 

I am on a sugar cleanse, ridding the stuff from my life, not really for health reasons, but instead because I love to use it as a great way to waste time, hiding from my problems. So, I have set up an accountability system with my friend Dave Tripp, checking in with him on my progress each Saturday for the next month. So far, I have succumbed to one large DQ blizzard (yes, they have these in Bali), but that was it. Far from a splurge. The progress begins. 

I am still meditating for 26 minutes each morning, thanks to the guidance of my friend Sam Harriss (find the track here). But, I have missed a couple of days over the past couple weeks. 

I have stopped committing to yoga each day, and have replaced this with my own freestyle stretching. I may continue to go for the occasional Yoga With Adriene video, but I have moved onto trying a CrossFit Travel WOD each day (I'm working through this list, starting with number one). I was missing the intensity and competitiveness that I need from exercise with only doing yoga each day, and a few days of these WODs has brought my body back to feeling more invigorated from the intense exercise. 

I've stopped using my phone, since I found it was distracting me from writing. Half hour phone calls would turn into three hour heart to hearts, which was making me end each day with writing juice left in the tank. While I have a feeling I may be losing energy from doing this, I find it is helping me focus more on the cool people around me while I'm travelling. So, I'm going to try to go without checking incoming communications for a week. 

And that's it. I'm in Ubud, Bali right now, with my Visa finishing a week from today, so I have to leave the country. I initially thought I was going to stay in Ubud, renewing my visa by flying to a nearby country, and then flying right back, but now, I am feeling I could benefit from a Major Pattern Interruption. 

So, I'm going to continue going about my days, writing, eating, and doing everything else I mentioned, for another week, and then it's probably off to Thailand!

P.S. I am super homesick, but I promised myself I wouldn't go home until I had finished three books, so I am patiently working through each day, awaiting the hugs of my loved ones that shouldn't be more than a month and a bit away. 

P.P.S. I finished writing my first book. Yay!