Just got to Thailand, trying to stick to the same routine, just with less rigidity. 

Still waking up, brushing my teeth, and meditating. But now, I'm adding in a breakfast, and taking away the guide. I want to learn to meditate without needing anything. 

Still writing for the morning. But now, since I've finished my third book, I'm focusing all my creative energy into the blog posts. I'm excited for the quality to rise in them, since I was having a difficult time balancing my focus on them with the focus on the books. 

I'm still eating lunch, and then writing more in the afternoon. 

Throughout the whole day, I sprinkle breaks by talking with family and friends, looking up what old friends that come to my mind are doing on social media, taking sips of water, getting up and walking around, and looking to the side of my computer screen at the beautiful lake and trees that surround me (see below). Here is where I am staying. 

I'm so spoiled.

I'm so spoiled.

I'm still exercising right around sunset, getting closer and closer to finding a program that works. It's 15, 50, 100, for the first set, then 15 and 50, then 10, and last set is 10. On day one, the first exercise is pullups, then pushups, then half these things and half hanging in the hollow position. Second day is handstand pushups/shoulder press, dips, and deadlifts. I'm mixing in squats, one legged squats, and calf work when I feel like it. First day would be 15 pullups, 50 pushups, then 100 ab things, then 15 pullups (different grip), 50 pushups, etc. Second day just switch exercises. Jamie Foxx inspired this routine. 

I'll do first day, then rest day (when I'll usually stretch), and second day, then rest day. So I guess a four day cycle. Still working out the kinks, and figuring out where to put squats in. Balancing it with getting enough sleep and food for recovery has also been a challenge. 

At the start of my exercise session, I'll do this workout. I've had back pain for a long time, and am working at this every day to finally get my hip area all sorted out. 

Then I'll eat food and roam around town. 

That's how my first day here went, and I suspect that's how the next 11 will go. Trying to build consistent progress from a consistent routine.