If I'm being honest with you, I don't want to go down this path anymore. 

I did. 

And then I did it. 

And now I'm done. 

I'm at a place where learning is more important to me...


This is the most important thing to me. 

I want to invest in the long run of my life, and as it stands, I'm not doing this. 

At the start, I want to be absorbing as much as i can, and it feels like right now, I'm releasing as much as I can. I'm sharing as much as I can. I'm trying to distill where there is nothing I've fully absorbed. I'm trying to distill lessons from no experience. 

What's scariest is leaving something I started. 

What's scariest is being around people again. 

What's scariest is letting what I thought was going to be the main thing go, and rest on the side. 

What's scariest is committing to a new main thing, something where I can absorb the most value. 

I've got to get around...

The smartest people. 

Or maybe some people... for a change. 

Starbucks is the start. Salesman might be afterwards, but the new goal is set. 

The path may change, but the new goal is set. 


Maybe even with some distillation, for the purpose of repetition, and better absorbption. 

Repetition builds strength.