This is the part in the journey where I realize a few massive things about myself... 

Things I wanted to ignore for awhile. 

1. I have been trying to be happy all the time in my life. This has caused me to live dishonestly about half of the time, since many of my emotions and life experiences are actually negative. 

2. If I'm going to be an awesome artist that makes art for the world in a very honest, generous way, it will be much easier - especially at the start (and the whole way through) - if I can take money out of the equation. 

Feeling like I need to force money out of what I'm doing makes it difficult to give to the world generously and freely. 

It doesn't feel right more than anything. 

So the next stage is to get some sort of fun job. I have some ideas about being around humans, sales and communication skill heavy jobs...

I have a feeling they will give me more energy to make better art. 

That's all for now my friends.