It's the middle of October, and I'm finally getting close to releasing the paperback. 

I'm excited and scared, but happy for the future. 

There are a number of new awesome things in my life: 

  • starting cheerleading again 
  • starting a men's group
  • facilitating a course on habits 
  • embracing living in integrity by letting a relationship go that I didn't want to be in anymore
  • might be starting a serious YouTube channel, moving into an awesome house full of content creators
  • working out more, whenever I want, however I want
  • climbing (might wait a month to get more serious about this

A few lessons: 

  1. This path isn't going to be made for me, even in the smallest way. I've got to forge everything through persistence. 
  2. My environment shapes me in a very deep way. I need lots of alone time to process my thoughts. 
  3. Right now, getting myself out there is more important than worrying about producing perfect content. 
  4. Community is really important 
  5. Approaching this thing as sharing my gifts with the world makes it easier to feel like it's more about others than it is myself, which makes it easier to do it. 

Right now, I'm working on: 

  • A podcast 
  • Coaching
  • A course
  • Getting the rest of my books out there 
  • Learning more about promotion, advertising, and collaboration 
  • Having more fun, and fuelling myself with energy to make output easier 
  • Trying to take things less seriously

That's it for now my friends, talk to you soon. I'm so glad to have you along for the ride.