I’m finally there. 

Able to separate real risk (likelihood of an irreversible outcome) from fears in my head that take time and thought work to get over, I finally feel confident in my abilities to carve out a direction for myself. 

All I will share here is that I’ve got back in the habit of prioritizing (picking the most important to-do each day and procrastinating everything else until it’s done), and I’m feeling like a superhero. 

Still far from comfortably landing on my next milestone, I finally trust it‘s going to come. It feels like I was scared of even exploring the chance that I could get to somewhere solid again, but I feel like I just passed the top of the parabola. Now the next inflection point is finally in view. 

Tangibly, I am starting to share only long form (podcast and long blogs), as I move towards consuming only in-person communication of any length, and out-of-person information in the longest length available to me, considering my energy levels at that time. This currently looks like no social media and one long form meeting or phone call a day. Long form interview videos are also in the diet, and hopefully I can muster the courage to try committing to a book consuming routine soon (perhaps a reading session each night) which will add even more depth to my creation as the length of my attention span grows with longer-form consumption. 

Most notably, the belief shift that is empowering me beyond previous expectation is finally aligning my actions with the idea that most things are useless, and focusing on one thing will take you most of the way there. This is executed on by actually actively leaving money, people, good ideas, and fun activities on the table, which leaves room for even more intensely focusing on the most important thing for each mini goal/focus of mine. 

This belief has proved extremely effective when it comes to handling people. Really being in tune with my energy has caused signals of “this person brings you down not up” to be loud and clear. And this magical courage I still feel scared to use, and confused on where it’s coming from has been coming to me and empowering me to actually cut shitty people out. I am no longer looking at people on social media. I am not hanging out with people who drain me. I am saying no to people when fulfilling their needs conflicts with me being able to fulfill mine. This is a big point. 

I am no longer ignoring my right to fulfill my needs, whatever they are, regardless of what other people are asking me.  


In short, finding the ‘No, I don’t want to do that.’ tool in my toolbelt (and actually using it) is starting to feel like a superpower. 


Onwards, to new ideas, lessons, heights, experience, and most important (and my favourite) challenges.