My beautiful friends, welcome to the beginning of a journey.

This is round three at the podcast game for me, and one thing I’m doing different this time is making a big deal of starting.

The end.

Here are the notes I had for this show if you’re curious:

Why I have decided to make this podcast for you

  • I am so blessed to have friends who are artists, using the precious gifts to share themselves purely with the world, and I want to bring your attention to them to receive their awesome gifts

    • i also am really curious about art and creativity myself. I want to learn more from these artists so I can create and share more beautiful art with you.

  • The world doesn’t have enough positive messages in it, and it is so easy to feel they are so distant. I want to make a podcast that is all good, all love, all smile, all joy, all the fucking time. I want to have positive people on talking about positive fantastic things that are components of a great world.

  • I want to be honest, truthful, and connected to reality with you. I want you to come to realize how insanely positive this world we live in is. It can’t help itself from constantly for a reason!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want to show you how to connect deeply to yourself - more deeply - to better connect with everyone else. I want to bring the spiritual realm into your life, and give you an opportunity to explore the depths of this beautiful life we all share.

  • I want to make this podcast, because I want to get better at speaking and hone my craft. I want to get better at approaching people who intimidate me, and learn more from other artists. I want to share what I learn with the world!! I want to spread the love, and receive more opportunities to more deeply experience your gifts

  • I want to be seen, I want to more deeply connect to the world. I want to be here with you. Now. I want to show you how insanely beautiful, talented, powerful, rich, and sexy I am, so you can find these things within yourself.

I want to teach you the basics of CBT, and neuroplasticity, and how to sustain change in yourself (and those around you). I want to give you the tools to deeply transform your dream life into the reality you want, and to keep it there.

I want to show you that your life isn’t worth escaping, but it is Heaven on Earth. I want to bring you into a high energy environment, share other high energy people with you, and increase all of our energies together!!!!!!

I am making this podcast because I want to share my voice with the world. I believe that I am a deeply fucking awesome person. I believe me and you are one and the same. I believe you deserve to be heard, seen, to be experienced in as deep a way as possible. I believe the world wants more of you. I want to show the world more of you. I want the world to embrace more of your beautiful gifts. I cannot fucking WAIT to enter into DREAMLAND.

DREAMLAND is where dreams are reality, and your reality is a dream. You are no longer you, bu instead a character. You are not burdened with the weight of your decisions, and instead you are free to go for everything you want.

Your life is already perfect, I am making this podcast to show you exactly that.